Shark Valley – Everglades National Park

Exploring Shark Valley~ For many visitors to South Florida, exploring Everglades National Park is a must. Shark Valley is a great place to start! Shark Valley is located in a sawgrass prairie area of the Everglades with small potholes of … Continued

Big Cypress National Preserve – It Might Surprise You!

Enormous & Essential~ The incredible Big Cypress National Preserve in South Florida stretches out over 700,000 acres and borders the north edge of Everglades National Park. The Big Cypress Swamp is an essential element of the greater Everglades ecosystem because … Continued

Airboating the Everglades

What? Have you ever seen video of cool air boats with the big fans in the back flying down a waterway in the Everglades? Have you ever dreamed of taking a ride in one?  Well, I have.  And you know … Continued

Wandering Alligator Alley

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What’s Alligator Alley? If you are familiar with the State of Florida, you may have heard of Alligator Alley in some context. But what is it, and better yet, where is it?  Until I moved to Southwest Florida 4 years … Continued

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