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Happy New Year!

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La Jolla California resolutions Like everyone, I make New Year’s Resolutions EVERY year. Although I make these resolutions, do I actually follow through? My answer, most of the time, is unfortunately no. But I promise, I really do try!

Like so many people around the world, I resolve myself to thinking about positive changes that I can make in the new year. I even dream about them. I ponder them in my head for at least a few weeks.  I take them very seriously!  

And then, one day, I just don’t think about my resolutions anymore. Either I have dealt with them successfully or I have simply forgotten them. Until next year!  Then I start the cycle all over again…

But this year; this very year; I am determined to follow through with my resolutions. Yep!  I really am! But how? How do I make good resolutions, stick to them, and make my life better? This year, I merely make my resolutions about travel! 

Plan AheadResolutions calendar

I first resolve to simply plan ahead.  Seems easy enough.  So, I will take out my calendar and think about what I want to do this year.  The places that I want to visit. The things that I want to see. That will entail more than just looking at a calendar though.

Do Research

If I am going to take a trip somewhere, I need to start thinking about the dates of travel and the mode of travel. I may need to do some research into these things too. I may also want to look at different hotels, different areas of town, campgrounds, etc. I resolve to do research on the places I plan to visit.

Make Reservations

After my research, I may need to make reservations. If so, what kind of reservations? If it requires flight arrangements, then I will put on my calendar when I need to start looking at flights. I will do the same thing for hotel reservations and perhaps rental car reservations too.  I resolve to make these reservations well ahead of time.

Resolutions - passportsCurrent Passport

Are any of the trips that I plan to take this year out of the country?  It is really important to think about such things.  Going out of the country requires a passport, at the very least.  So, I resolve to make sure that my passport is up to date. Incidentally, my passport expires this summer. So, I will be renewing mine within the next few months.

Set Budget

What about resolving to setting a budget for travel this year?  That seems pretty important too.  We all need to be realistic as far as what we can afford to do.  I would love to travel a lot more and stay in the best hotels out there. But, my budget doesn’t allow that.  

So I need to look at what traveling I realistically want and can do this year.  Then I need to decide how much money I can reasonably spend on the trip and try my best to stick to that amount.  So, I resolve to set a budget for travel and stick to it.

Be SuccessfulAmtrak through Colorado mountains

Well, I think I have some resolutions this year that I may be able to accomplish.  None of my resolutions are hard. They just require some simple thought, prior planning and a little effort.  Here is a summary of my resolutions:

  1. Resolve to plan ahead.  
  2. Resolve to do research.
  3. Resolve to make reservations ahead of time.
  4. Resolve to keep my passport up to date.
  5. Resolve to set a budget and stick to it.

Have Fun

With these simple resolutions in hand, let’s get out there and plan some trips for the year! Where will you go?

Happy Wandering!

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  1. myenchantingfloridalife

    Love this! We haven’t really traveled much since moving to Florida 4 1/2 years ago .. thankfully there is tons to do in Florida, but I’d love to take some trips with the family in the coming year(s) … just some trips in our country, places we’ve never been and maybe to the Bahamas, my hubby and I celebrating 20 years of marriage in a few months! Anyway, your article gives a straightforward and easy way to plan ahead and make time for trips. Thanks for shariing

    • Ordinary Wanderer

      Thank you! I moved to Florida about 4 years ago from Colorado. It feels like another world down here with so many different things to do. I am enjoying the change of scenery.I am glad that you found my post straight forward and I hope it helps you plan those trips in the coming years. Happy Wandering!

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