Christmas Movies!

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My 6 Favorite Christmas Movies~

I love this time of year because most of my favorite Christmas movies are on cable.  I check the guide when I finally get to sit down to watch television and if one of my favorite movies is playing, I will watch all or part of it.  It doesn’t matter to me! I am satisfied to watch 10 minutes or the whole movie, depending on how much time I have to watch.

The Grinch Christmas movie

How The Grinch Stole Christmas

My absolute favorite Christmas movie is the Jim Carrey edition of How The Grinch Stole Christmas!  My husband and I watched this movie every year with our sons when they were growing up.  I wonder if it is one of their favorites?  I love this movie for so many reasons… It just makes me happy watching the Whos down in Whoville with all of their Christmas cheer.  I love Max the dog and I love Jim Carrey’s version of the Grinch. So many wonderful lines… And who hasn’t fallen in love with Cindy Lou Who and her desire to be inclusive of everyone? I wish that would resonate with a lot more people, especially right about now…

Four Christmases Christmas movie

A Christmas Story

Moving on to my second favorite Christmas movie…A Christmas Story. It is such a classic for me and almost everyone I know.  We all remember the dogs eating the turkey, Ralphie in the bunny outfit, the leg lamp, the tongue on the flagpole and of course the famous line “you’ll shoot your eye out”!  It’s funny how some movies you can watch over and over and they just never get old. I will watch this one in its’ entirety every Christmas Eve on cable as several channels often have it playing for 24 hours straight.

The remaining 4 movies are in no particular order – because I love them all equally.

Polar Express Christmas movie

The Polar Express

I love this animated classic because who doesn’t love a fairy tale Christmas Train picking us up in the middle of the night and taking us to see Santa Claus?  Every time I hear a train whistle I think of this movie.  There are stunning visual effects in this movie that really bring it to life.  Tom Hanks also gets me every time.  I love him in this movie! The movie is also about inclusiveness and everyone being equal no matter on what side of the tracks you live.

Love Actually Christmas movie

Love Actually

This movie always plays at this time of year and I love following the stories of all these people in the midst of the chaos that is the holidays.  Again, a movie with an all-star cast.  Some of the storylines are tragic, some heroic, others despairing, and others hopeful.  I think that each person that watches this incredible movie can relate to at least one of the characters. And you most certainly will have someone to root for as you watch to see if their story is successful or unsuccessful…

The Holiday Christmas movie

The Holiday

Am I the only one that dreams of little quirky English cottages at the same time that I dream of a modern houses with all the techie gadgets? I doubt it!  This cute movie follows two very different paths that intersect in the coolest of ways.  With the holidays as the backdrop and decisions made on the fly, this movie makes us believe in fate and the wonderment of finding your soulmate on the most unexpected path. This is a great holiday fairy tale!

Four Christmases Christmas movie

Four Christmases

This funny movie about being spread thin during the holidays and having to make appearances everywhere with friends and family and you get to a point that you just don’t want to anymore.  Anyone ever felt like this? Of course, so why not lie to everyone and pretend that you are doing charitable work in a third world country?  Surely no one will know that you are in fact sipping cocktails on the beach in the tropics.  Oops! Unless you find yourself on live television! Then it’s all about family baby!  The good, the bad and the ugly!  The all-star cast, to include Tim McGraw as an obnoxious brother, really makes this movie.

So there they are!  My 6 favorite holiday movies.  What’s some of your favorite Christmas movies? Why do you love them? Do you watch them every year? Now, if you will excuse me, I have movies to watch!

Happy Wandering!

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