Airboating the Everglades

What? Have you ever seen video of cool air boats with the big fans in the back flying down a waterway in the Everglades? Have you ever dreamed of taking a ride in one?  Well, I have.  And you know … Continued

Yellowstone – My Favorite National Park

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Dream Vacation♥ For many Americans a trip to Yellowstone National Park is more pilgrimage than vacation. With magnificent scenery, amazing natural features, and extraordinary wildlife, a vacation to Yellowstone is a dream come true for many people. Luckily enough, when I … Continued

Happy New Year!

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Resolutions~ Like everyone, I make New Year’s Resolutions EVERY year. Although I make these resolutions, do I actually follow through? My answer, most of the time, is unfortunately no. But I promise, I really do try! Like so many people … Continued

Wandering Alligator Alley

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What’s That? If you are familiar with the State of Florida, you may have heard of Alligator Alley in some context. But what is it, and better yet, where is it?  Until I moved to Southwest Florida 4 years ago, … Continued

Is TSA Pre Worth It?

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I Think So! Have you ever been stuck in a long security line at an airport?  How about a line that is barely moving at all and you’re worried about missing your flight?  Most of us have experienced this at one … Continued

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