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I am a mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, neighbor and recent grandmother.  I could be anybody that you know. I am just an ordinary person who happens to travel whenever I can.

Army Brat

Traveling is just second nature to me. I am an Army brat so I have been traveling for as long as I can remember.  Besides vacationing, I have lived in many places including Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Colorado, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Hawaii and the Philippines. I have traveled to or through 36 of our great states.

Lived All Over

When I got married 30 years ago, I was lucky enough to move to Hawaii and graduate from the University of Hawaii with a Bachelor’s degree in print journalism. I moved to Colorado about 8 months later and ended up pursuing a career as a paralegal.  I continued to live in Colorado for the next 20+ years working and raising my sons, who currently live in Colorado and are 28 and 26.

Traveled Often

As a family, we always traveled and had adventures.  The summers and fall were often filled with camping and hiking trips in the mountains and the winters and spring were for traveling to Southern California or the East Coast to see family. But once my sons went to college, I started traveling more often.  I was no longer working and was able to go see them at their college campuses, take them somewhere on a trip or go somewhere myself.

Summers Camping

However, during the summer months, my husband, Scout the Beagle and I traveled almost exclusively in our camper. We would head west and spend about a month in campgrounds along the coasts of California, Oregon or Washington or be in the mountains of Montana, Idaho, Nevada, Colorado or Wyoming. 

Changed States

Then 4 years ago my husband and I moved from Colorado to southwest Florida.  We still travel back to Colorado every summer for prolonged trips to see our sons and continue exploring the west. During the rest of the year, I travel more by myself.  Often times, I will head back to Colorado in the spring and fall to visit my sons and see friends. Other times, I may visit somewhere close by or venture further away. I am always heading somewhere doing something and thought it would be fun to share my experiences with you. I hope you enjoy following along.

If you have any questions, suggestions or just want to chat, feel free to leave me a message and I will get back to you.  

Ordinary Wanderer

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